Monday, September 17, 2007

If a project seems way harder than It should...

Chances are you're doing it wrong.

(A quick lunch-time blog)

Nonetheless, and screw-ups set aside, the floor is now down in my office. Tonight I install the quarter-round trim around the walls, then start hauling up boxes and boxes of books and bookcases and my desk and the many and sundry other things that are going upstairs.

Very happy to get the job done. Very tired or I would have got the quarter round in last night. That and I didn't have any nails.

Once the office is set up, time to focus in on the new website because the current one, you'll notice, is tacky. And badly out of date.

The new one has cleaner lines and looks much prettier. And it's more up to date.

And then, it's time to promote my book! Yay!!!! Buy Small Magics!

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