Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Floor! The Floor!

No, it isn't done, but it's started.

Hat tip to (Better living through Handymanlyness) where I found the plans to to build the workbench I needed to cut the laminate to lay on the floor.

Here are the plans, should you need a workbench.

The floor is one quarter down. Laminate is easy to lay on the floor, easy to cut, and a pain in the neck to make join together properly. If anyone has any tips, they're appreciated.

Also, there's an 8 PM cut off time in this neighbourhood. Too many neighbours with small children and not enough light.

Think I'll write something.

1 comment:

The Artifact Junkie said...

Huzzah! Congratulations! Mazel tov!

Kudos to you, sir!

Yes, I'm putting off schoolwork... how did you know?


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