Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Have an Office!!!

And I am happy as all get out. I have a door I can close, a library of bookshelves waiting to be filled with our library of books and a workout space just waiting to be cleared. The feeling is fantastic. I am a happy, happy monkey.

Of course, the job is not over yet. I still have to shim all the bookcases so they are more or less level, screw them to the walls in case a certain little monkey tries to climb them, fill them with books, clear out the boxes, get the workout space cleared, add floor mats to it, buy/build a chinning bar (probably the latter. Those things are expensive) and put down the threshold. May do that last tomorrow, if my child naps. If not, then soon.

And there's the whole house to get done as well, but for now I have an office, and it's a good start.

And now, I must write.

Okay, I have a week's worth of blogging I want to do, but I must also write.

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