Sunday, February 26, 2006

Instant Kung Fu Success!

Today was the Instant Kung Fu! workshop, and it was a blast.

It was a small workshop (five of a possible 12 attendees) but a good one. The students were receptive, the material worked well, and the comments afterward were both helpful and encouraging. I had put together a survey for the class to fill out afterwards and the reactions ranged from very good to good with a few neutral, but with no bad comments at all. I will soon have the photos and some video (taken by my good friend and a talented film director, Alexander Galant), and you'll be able to see both on my website

From what I learned today, future workshops will be four hours instead of three, to allow maximum time for the participants to learn the material. We did start late, but even so, it was not enough time. So next time, four hours, and more fun will be had by all.

So thanks to Melanie, Pearl, Richard, Mike and especially to Shanna who had come from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to attend the course. Also, a special thanks to Kevin Robinson, my assistant and a talented fight director and teacher in his own right.

Watch out for my next course, Instant Musketeer! coming soon!

And now I have some writing to do.

Back to work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Goodbye Cleopatra

To one who ate anything as long as it wasn't in her bowl
Who could jump four feet up and slip into spaces three inches wide
Who didn't know what mice were for and chased them anyway
Who shed in places we still can't figure out how she reached
Who fought plastic rings and bits of string with ferocity and delight
Who hated getting her nails cut and wouldn't let anyone brush her
Who was ready to take on the raccoon outside the window
Who took up half the sofa and had to have her own cushion
Who nearly took out one of my eyes while escaping from being pilled
Who slept on my chest and pushed her paws against my chin
Who bit my nose at 2 a.m. because she wanted to play
Who purred like a racecar when she was happy
Who sat on my lap when I was writing late at night
Who never clawed the baby even when it hit her

She was a kitten for twelve of her fourteen years. When she got sick we did all we could to make her better. When she stopped eating her food we gave her tuna. When she could no longer eat that, we gave her water and tried to comfort her. And when we could no longer do that, we released her from her pain.

Cleopatra died February 18, 2006. Her autopsy revealed that she had cancer in her liver, and spreading through most of her body. She never complained, and was never vicious or violent while she was sick. We loved her and we miss her.

1992 to 2006
Beloved Friend

Friday, February 17, 2006

Page 200!

And now I am way to tired to say anything intelligent.

My kid has been sick for the last week and a half, and writing has been pulling a Shakespeare (creeping in this petty pace from day to day to the last recorded syllable). As a result, these last 18 pages took way too long.

But before I go, some things I've been wanting to say:

Danish Cartoons: Get over them. Move on. To the 99.9% of Muslims who did not bother to react to these deliberately provocative cartoons, good for you. To the Danish newspaper, what were you thinking? To the Saudis who stirred up the whole mess, shame on you. To the right-wing papers who helped keep it going. Double shame. For those who torched and destroyed and killed, shame does not begin to cover it. Go find something worthwhile to fight about people. This isn't it.

Cheney and Firearms: Who let him hold a rifle? And did you hear the guy he shot apologized? How stupid is that? And will no one charge Cheney for hunting illegally? Please someone. I dare you, if it will help.

Archeology: New intact tomb discovered in the valley of the kings. Anyone got a link?

Olympics: Yay! Go Canada! Is it me or does Skeleton just look scary?

Instant Kung Fu!: February 26. It is a definite go. Check out my website: for details. It will be fun, and a good learning experience. And the price is good, too!

Other news: Like I've had time to see the news. Have you ever had a sick one year old? I promise to catch up soon, and post more when I can.

Back to work.

(Actually, I'm knocking off and watching TV now, but I like ending the posts that way)

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