Sunday, February 26, 2006

Instant Kung Fu Success!

Today was the Instant Kung Fu! workshop, and it was a blast.

It was a small workshop (five of a possible 12 attendees) but a good one. The students were receptive, the material worked well, and the comments afterward were both helpful and encouraging. I had put together a survey for the class to fill out afterwards and the reactions ranged from very good to good with a few neutral, but with no bad comments at all. I will soon have the photos and some video (taken by my good friend and a talented film director, Alexander Galant), and you'll be able to see both on my website

From what I learned today, future workshops will be four hours instead of three, to allow maximum time for the participants to learn the material. We did start late, but even so, it was not enough time. So next time, four hours, and more fun will be had by all.

So thanks to Melanie, Pearl, Richard, Mike and especially to Shanna who had come from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to attend the course. Also, a special thanks to Kevin Robinson, my assistant and a talented fight director and teacher in his own right.

Watch out for my next course, Instant Musketeer! coming soon!

And now I have some writing to do.

Back to work.

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