Saturday, July 12, 2008

Polaris 2008 _ Day 1

Alright, evening 1. Went to the Blastoff Party and had... well, a blast.

Tanya Huff was there and we got to talking along with a whack of other people, and actors drifted in and out, getting cheered by the fans while we writer types smiled and nodded and pretended not to be at all jealous.

And I got my picture taken by several people who liked style and wanted a picture with a guest.

And much to my annoyance ay my own stupidity, my wife has the camera so I've got to go buy a disposable one if I'm going to get any pictures out of this weekend. ARGH!

Now (lying follows) not being much of a fan myself, I acted very cool (read: scared to talk to them) when the actors came in (lying ends).

But I saw him:

Cliff Simon (Stargate SG-1)

...and I saw him:

Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwoord)

and I saw her:

Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me)

But I didn't get to talk with Gareth because he was talking with all the girls who were absolutely swooning and I didn't get to talk with Ellen because I was talking with Tanya Huff and some other folks about the annoyance of having other people in the house when you are working but Cliff did say "hello" but it was the end of the evening and he was heading out and they all seemed like really nice people.

No, not a fan at all, eh?

More to come today.

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The Artifact Junkie said...

Jealous. So freakin' jealous.

Carry on partying and posting please!

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