Sunday, July 13, 2008

Polaris Day 2

I had forgotten how much fun panels are to do. Yesterday I did panels on avoiding procrastination when you write, getting from writing to being published, and an expertise panel, where those of us who know something offered info for those who don't.

I also taught my "Things That Make You Go EEEWWWW!!!!!" course which was all about joint breaks and eye gouges and all that fun stuff. A good time was had by all three participants,


But I heard a rumour the "Instant Kung Fu!" if going to be fairly well attended. I hope so. I want to give the convention their money's worth.

Also held a reading and had more than twice as many people attend this year as last year (that means five people came). And three of them bought the book right there! Yay! I sighed them and then people asked to have their pictures taken with me. It was so cool!

And then I went home.

I should have attended the constellation awards but God's truth I was exhausted, and the house was empty so I ate homemade pizza, had a beer, and watched "One Upon a Time in Mexico."

All right, I watched most of it. Then I fell asleep. So I went to bed. Ain't I exciting?

More to come...

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