Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stress Days

We did our household budget last night, and things are not looking exactly shiny at the moment. Need to magically come up with a couple of million dollars so all my pains and cares can be washed away.

Unfortunately, I already checked the weekend's lottery tickets and for some strange reason, I didn't win. I am stunned. Stunned, I tell you.

Money is one of life's big stressors, especially if you haven't got enough of it. Coping with money stress in in fact one of thebiggest problems couples have to deal with, according to some studies. Unfortunately, I manifest stress in lack of sleep, so I'm feeling mighty baked this morning.

Anyway, working away at finding work, as well as writing and organizing and budgeting and retraining and all the other fun stuff that makes unemployment such a joy. Had my first coffee in about a month and a half this morning, which is why I'm functioning to type this.

The plan for the rest of the day: more of the same, plus cooking dinner. Orange Pork Stir-fry. Yummy.


Kristine Maitland said...

Understand the budget "thang" - but I only have to concern myself with me while you have a family to consider.

But I am confident that things will work out. I will keep an eye out, as usual.

You might want to consider kicking at some freelance writing gigs. Eye Weekly is an option and there is always the National Post.

Anonymous said...

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