Friday, June 20, 2008

Stop a Stupid Law

Jim Prentice has come out with a new copyright bill for Canada.

It sucks.

Help stop it.

Copyright for Canadians is the first place to visit to understand what is going on. Here's a quote from the front page of the website:

Forward-thinking reform to copyright is possible: laws that recognise the growth and importance of the Internet, open source software, and new business models for creators. Canada could take the initiative, and lead the world.

Instead, new legislation proposed by this government is a sell-out to the United States’ government and media’s demands. C-61 includes wholesale import of the worst provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act — a law that the U.S. passed in 1997 and has been widely seen as a damaging failure. Instead of inviting a new era, the current government is intent on repeating all the mistakes of the last decade.

This is not be a copyright law for Canadians. It is a copyright law from entrenched U.S. lobbyists and politicians. Join us, and fight back!

Get the information and send a letter to your MP. This bill is stupid and needs to be stopped.

For more detailed ananysis, go here.

To read the bill in its entirity, go here.

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The Artifact Junkie said...

Yes, I've already sent my protest email into my MP. Unfortunately, it seems to consist of a more wordy version of "But, but.... that doesn't help any creative artists. Just the companies."

If you know of a more articulate version that I can send (I have already sent one a few months ago when it was last popping up) to protest, please post.

Otherwise, I imagine that once again we'll have to rely upon case law to either knock it down or redefine it.

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