Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Lament for the Green Knight

Over the weekend The Green Knight decided it was time to shut down his blog.

I didn't find out until Monday and you'll find my comment near the bottom. It's succinct and not very erudite and sums up exactly how I feel about it.

The Green Knight was an intelligent, educated blogger who had a gift for clarity and bringing to light complex issues. His analysis of world events, of the behaviours of our leaders, and the forces that drive those events and behaviours was clear, concise and always enlightening. His sense of humour was wonderful, and his taste in art amazing.

Those of us who regularly visited his blog got a taste of it all, and are thankful for it.

Thanks, Green Knight, for sharing part of yourself with all of us. We'll miss you here in the Blogosphere, and hope you're having fun in the real world.

Back to work.

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