Monday, August 28, 2006

Draft Done!

At 1:30 AM this morning, because sleep is for amatuers.

In truth I'm mighty tired, but very happy with myself. Hats off to Briana, my editor, as well, for keeping the project on track. The next step is to take this week to re-read what I've written, make sure it all makes sense and isn't terrible, then put it all together in novel form once again.

After that, the real fun starts.

We have one more draft to do (I wouldn't mind two, but one is what we have time for) before I send it in to my publisher, Dragon Moon Press. After that, it's all about cover art and proofs and trying to coax a review or two out of other authors, if any will be willing.

And that's all the time I have to gloat/moan about it this morning. Nice to get some done. Miles to go before I sleep.

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