Sunday, October 09, 2005

Friends in Good Places

A note of thanks to The Green Knight who has added me to his list of Darn Good Blogs. Having been a long-time visitor to his Blog, I will hope to be up the standard. For those of you who don't know him, I suggest you have a look. He has very good insight into politics, religion, human behaviour, and the art of obfuscation as practiced by governments, corporations, and others who don't want you to know what's going on.

I will be putting my own list of websites and Blogs up at some point, but right now I've got to finish my own website first. Rest assured, though, that the Green Knight will be on the list.

And now, having done very little this weekend, I want to get a couple of pages written before part two of Farscape: the Peacekeeper Wars comes on (Yes, I am a geek; look at what I write).

More later.

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