Thursday, October 13, 2005

An anecdote (possibly apocryphal) and an update

A reclusive and very famous writer who had been asked to give a lecture on the craft at a local university. After many requests, he agreed to do so. When he arrived, the auditorium was packed with young, eager, want-to-be writers, ready to hear the words of the master.

He stepped up to the podium, looked at them all, said, "Why aren't you are home, writing?" and left.

Meanwhile, the website work is coming along. Only a few pages left to design and a bunch of images to scan in, after which I will email in all my files and hopefully get the thing up and running. Unfortunately, I have been ill this week (head-cold) as has my baby (she gave it to me) and my poor wife has been exhausted (getting up with the baby while I sleep the sleep of the drugged), so the website progress has been slowed (the time I usually work at it, I am looking after my baby so my wife can have well-deserved naps). I have still managed to get my writing in, though not at the rate I was previously. As my health picks up, so will the pace.

And could that paragraph have more parentheses in it?

Despite the slow-down, I have reached the half-way point on the fourth draft of the playscript I am adapting from a classical novel, and the work on Cold Magics is coming along nicely. I am hoping to have the first draft done sometime in the new year, say about March or so.

Of course, everytime I set myself such deadlines I invariably over-run them, so don't anyone hold their breath. It's strange, really. When I am working for deadlines outside of my own, I am usually on top of them.

Back to the writing. More later.

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