Friday, October 02, 2009

I Am the Coolest Dad Ever

We have movie nights with our daughter Maggie every Friday night. Usually this consists of watching one of her cartoons, then starting to watch one of our lighter movies like Charlie Chaplin or Mr. Bean, and her saying, "Noooo. I don't like this. It's scary! I don't want to watch it! No!!!!"

But not tonight.

Tonight, I got Maggie to sit down and watch her first full-length, grown up movie. From beginning to end. And what did we watch?

We skipped over the ROUS's in the fire swamp, and we put on the mute for the yelling and torture scenes (though she wouldn't let me skip them) scenes, and we skipped over the holocaust cloak because that's loud and scary. And there were lots of explanations before each fight scene and I explained to her how blood works in the movies and all of that.

But she watched it. Beginning to end.

And you know what she said to me as we were going upstairs to brush our teeth?

"When I'm big, I'll go to your class and sword-fight with you and your friends."

And I said, "Yes. You will."

I am the coolest dad ever.

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