Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Promotions: Brain Storming

So, working on the publicity for Cold Magics (and a Zombie movie!) for the last few days. Been brainstorming possible tactics I could use to promote Cold Magics. Came up with an interesting list. Thought I'd share it:
Amazon Author Page
Amazon Forums
Writing Forums
Book Forums
Blog Tours
Virtual Book Launch
Online Media
Traditional Media
Podcast Interviews
Book Fairs
Sci-Fi Conventions
Book Store Signings
Online Reviewers (other than Amazon)
Traditional Media Reviewers
Library Tours
Book Clubs
Online Bookclubs
Book-lover Websites (Shelfari, iRead, etc.)

Just looking at the list you can see that everything needs flushing out. What can I do with each venue, how do I make contact, who do I make contact with, when do we make contact? There's about a dozen questions to ask for each one, but having the list means having a place to start.

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