Monday, June 25, 2007

Small Magics Update 2 (and other stuff)

All right, the beast is off. Gwen at Dragon Moon has it, and is putting together a final copy to send to the printers. Here's hoping I found all the erratta.

Gwen should get it out in a week, the printer should take about 4 weeks, which means a late start for it, I know, but not overly late, and not unexpectedly so, given my life these days.

So a new release date to be released soon.

In other news, I've just about got the new computer up and running (yes, it's taken me this long. Like I said, I'm busy). Which soon means more time for writing, rebuilding the website (the next project) and little fun things like, oh, I don't know. Going to a movie maybe.

Meanwhile we are also house hunting. I'm not going to put any details here for fear of jinxing it (yeah, stupid superstition, I know, still what can you do?) but I'll let you know when we've got it.

And now, back to work. I'm on the clock in 7 minutes.

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