Monday, June 11, 2007

New Computer

Well, we got a new computer, in case you've been wondering what is going on.

I've got the driviers installed, found a version of Windows XP (because from everything I hear, Vista is not good) and have started adding in the software.

My big concerns are transferring my Norton Anti-virus subscription, Dreamweaver, and several other programs so that we can use them on the new machine.

I have decided to try going open source, rather than with Microsoft Office because, again, Vista has issues and I couldn't find a copy of 2003 or XP. SO far, the office suite looks good. I need a calendar program, but I've got Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird for Web and Email respectively.

The next challenge will be getting the files off the old computer and onto the new one. If everything works, the old machine goes to a new home, and the new one takes its place.

And that's what I've been doing. That and and writing and editing and working on a film and my day job and looking after the kid and looking for a house and developing a publicity campaign and being the treasurer for FDC.

So, not busy at all, really.

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