Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Looking for a Good Ab Workout

What, I'm going to blog about the American Election? Everyone and their uncle is doing that. Me, I'm far more self-centred.

Seriously, though, I used to be an exercise junkie. Three hours of martial arts used to be a good way to have some fun. These day, if I want to get three hours alone, I'd have to be in a hospital with something contagious.

So here's the challenge. We get up at 5:45 AM. I do the part one of my workout (15 minutes) while my wife grabs her shower. The reason for this is simple: Toddler. Someone has to be around in case she wakes up. Once my wife is out of the shower, I head down to the gym in our building, and get about another 45 minutes in part two. Now, my workout schedule is as follows:

Day 1 & 4 Part 1: Nothing. Part 2: Running
Day 2 & 5 Part 1: Shadow Boxing. Part 2: Weights
Day 3 & 5 Part 1: Calesthetics. Part 2: Martial Arts

It's a nice workout series, plenty of variety and keeps the body jumping. You'll notice, however, that Part One of Day 1 & 4 has nothing. This is where I want to put in a nice, nasty ab workout.

So, anysuggestions out there?

And by the way, congrats to the Democratic party on taking the House. We are all waiting with bated breath to see what happens in the Senate.

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