Friday, October 03, 2014

Off to Can-Con!

Hi folks!

The post about the things I don't know how to do on Twitter will be coming soon, but first, I'm off to Ottawa!

Why Ottawa, you ask?

CAN-CON 2014!

If you are in Ottawa, near Ottawa, or have ever wanted to visit Ottawa, come on out! The folks at Can-Con put on a good convention and it should be a lot of fun. I'll be on panels! IAnd I'll be doing a sneak preview reading from True Magics, the final book in my Magics Trilogy!

Here's my panel schedule:

Saturday 2 p.m.: The Engaging Author Reading – Techniques of the Stage for Writers: Hayden Trenholm, Marie Bilodeau, Erik Buchanan

Saturday, 4 p.m.: Advice on the Craft to Aspiring Writers: Jay Odjick, Julie Czerneda (m), Erik Buchanan, Mike Rimar

Saturday: 5 p.m.: Fantastic Weather Slapdown: Mark Robinson, Erik Buchanan, Julie Czerneda, David Nickle, Marie Bilodeau (m)

Sunday: 11 a.m.: Reading: Erik Buchanan, True Magics

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