Monday, October 06, 2008

Welcome to Gilead

Posting a lot of political stuff this month. Must be all that election in the air.

Anyway, here's an interesting post from truthout on the rise of Sara Palin and the parallels in her character to the aunts in A Handmaid's Tales. Scary stuff.

Welcome to Gilead, Governor Palin

H/T to Suzanne, who is not a blogger but is frightfully well informed.

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Fatman said...


I read the Handmaid's Tale a while ago, but didn't make the connection. Very correct, and very frightening. It seems hard to believe that women are actually identifying themselves with this persona, even more scary that someone with such limited reasoning abilities might be the person with the finger on the red button should McCain get elected and somehting happen to him. A worrying prospect not only for US citizens, but mankind in general.

Off topic, sorry to hear about your grandfather. And best of luck with the job interview - the period after the interview itself is always the worst part!

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