Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Lunchtime Blogging

Here I sit, contemplating the snow I spent hours shoveling (all right one hour, plus several 10 minute stints to keep up) and the first thing that leaps to mind?

"Now where do I work out?"

Up until now, I've been working out in a local park, using a bench for abdominals, a wall for handstand push-ups, a set of monkey bars for pull-ups/chin-ups, parallel bars for horizontal pull-ups and a lot of open space for the rest of the workout.

It is now underneath a foot or more of snow.

I've been trying to get a workout space set up in my office (large office; it also doubles as our library). Unfortunately, it also doubles as storage space as we move things around in the house. Right now, I have two empty wardrobe boxes (going to a friend who is moving), two dressers (we just put in wardrobes) and six milk crates (left over from our move and need to be returned to our friends) cluttering up the 6x10 space that is going to be my exercise station.

Also on the agenda, buying floor mats (so the whole house doesn't rattle when I do burpees), getting a chinning bar and finding something to use for horizontal pull-ups other than the bottom of my desk, which is nice and give a good grip work out, but doesn't allow for the wide grip that I need to work my shoulder properly.

I'm looking forward to getting this all as done as soon as possible so I can design a new workout program. Of course, I'll need to spend some money, so if anyone wants to help out, here's where you can buy my book.

(Yeah, I know, cheesy advertising, but it's been a while since I did a sales pitch)

Speaking of books, Cold Magics is moving along again, which is nice. Good to be getting back in the groove.

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