Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A brief comment on the progress of Cold Magics:


So, I have been writing this book for far too long. It is one of the problems with being a working person and an author that, when things in life change, your writing ineveitably suffers. With me, it was the change in jobs and the moving that have made this book drag on a year longer than it should.

And when these things happen you get into start-and-stop writing that can be disasterous for your work. In this case, my work ground to a halt until last night, when I realized where the problems all began: Page 233.

So all I have to do is take the work back to that point and correct it.

Infortunately, I'm on page 483.

Like I said:


Ah, isn't being a writer great?

Still, nothing for it. Back I go, and the result will be a better book.

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