Monday, August 27, 2007

Renovations Continue

So, I got three quarters of the first layer of tile off in just under three hours. Not bad. Of course, I nearly dehydrated myself into trouble, which was extremely stupid.

For the next round, a friend of ours brought over a heat gun and the rest of the layer was gone in 30 minutes. Got to love doubling your pace.

Also got the washer and dryer installed and I have to say that making sure the damn washing machine is level side to side as well as front to back would be made a lot easier if you didn't have to adjust the heights of the feet from inside the washing machine. Good thing Ive got long arms. I'd hate to try to do it if I was short. Anyway, it's up and running like a dream. Too bad one of the hoses leaks but, eh, what you going to to do?

We've got the bedroom set up (mostly; still need wardrobes and thinner bedside tables), the kid's room set up (she likes it, too) and hte kitchen mostly done. Not bad for a weekend.

Now if I can just get those other two layers of tile off in the next couple of days, I can get the office set up and have my computer back!

Small Magics news and Dragon Moon Press news coming soon!

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