Saturday, February 03, 2007

When it all goes to...

I'm trying to keep swearing to a minimum. Hence, the incomplete title.

Cold Magics is now363 pages (double spaced, for you writer types out there). The idea is good, the story is good, and it was going along swimmingly until I wrote one really, really good scene about one of the characters. Not even the lead, mind you, but someone important.

It's a great scene, and I was worried it would never fit into the rest of the book, the way it was going. And then I realized why.

Every character you write has a journey (or should). Some have very short journeys. This character's journey is about finding out who she is in terms of one very specific thing, and the scene that I've written is one of the major turning points for her and really about a major theme that needs to be developed. The problem is, that it's not supported by the rest of the book. Which means everything has turned bad, all of a sudden.

It's been bugging me for days; it's put a cramp in the entire process, and it's stopped me moving forward. Now normally, I'd just make a note to myself in the appropriate place in the manuscript and move on, with the idea of fixing it in the next draft. Problem was that, until today, I had no idea how to do that.

Now I do. And I need to go back to 62 to start the process.


Back to work. And I mean, way back...

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