Sunday, February 11, 2007


It was great!

Day 1: We got there late, so no skiing, but had a fabulous dinner and shot some pool and got board games from the front desk and relaxed for the evening (yes, we are geeks). Slept without interruption (except to turn down the room heater which would not stop blasting out heat no matter how warn the room got).

Day 2: Skiing!

Now Sara, my lovely wife, had never been on downhill skis in her life, so the larger part of the day was spent teaching her how to get down the hill without killing herself or someone else. Got to say, she picked it up very quickly and was skiing down the longer runs without falling by the end of the morning. She did fab.

As for me, didn't fall once, which is a minor miracle, went down the beginner runs repeatedly, then got the chance, once Sara was feeling confident enough to ski alone, to try my luck at the intermediate runs.

I swear that intermediate runs were much less steep when I was sixteen. Still, made it down those as well, though on one I leaned back so far that My uphll arm hit the snow. Hurt myself but managed to stay more or less upright. Naturally, I did it again. Whee!

And the kid did very well on her weekend with Mum-Mum. Both had colds, so they spent the time indoors, playing, coloring, and watching videos. Mum-Mum had a great if very tiring time and so did Maggie, who went down like a rock.

And that was the weekend. A good time was had by all except Thomas (lead character in Cold Magics and Small Magics) who has been waiting two days for me to get him to the next bit of his adventures.

So, back to work.


Anonymous said...

Darling, I think you should also add that I beat your ass in pool... twice.


Erik Buchanan said...

Now if I was to add that, I would have to include that I was drunk and you took horrible advantage of me.

And for everyone else reading: yes, I meant in the pool game!

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