Monday, May 15, 2017

The Reading Challenge!

I wanted to get this blog going again, but have had a heck of a time figuring out what to write. Then I remembered I have all these books…

The Collection

250 paperbacks (we double shelve) plus the same again in hardcovers and trades, plus comic books and graphic novels. Half are mine, half my fiancĂ©’s. We have mythology, literary fiction, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, romance, children’s books, anthropology, history, geology, physics, archaeology, palaeontology, and biographies.

The Challenge

I work full time writing and ghostwriting, plus marketing and self-publishing (The Dark Season, beginning this fall, so watch for it) and looking after my daughter. I also suffer from depression, which I am fighting, but which sucks up a lot of energy and makes it hard for me to do other things. So how long will it take to read them all?

Let’s Find Out!

I'm starting this week with the paperbacks, alphabetically by author (anonymous goes first, anthologies are alphabetical by editor). Once I’ve finished those I’ll do the same with with the hardcovers and trades, then the comics and graphic novels. I’m excluding the martial arts manuals and cookbooks, but including (god help me) the books that I wrote (Small Magics, Cold Magics, and True Magics, which you should really read, if you haven’t). And to prove I’ve read them, I’ll post up a short review of each one here and on Goodreads. Because fun and social media marketing.

The First Book

Early Irish Myths and Legends

So join me on the journey, and feel free to tell me what you’re reading, because the more books, the better!

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