Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Ad Astra! I'm going to the Convention!

It's the Ad Astra Convention this weekend! I'm on panels, reading a new short story, and aiming to misbehave! Here's my schedule:

Saturday Morning:
11:00 Swords: Not Just the Pointy End

Saturday Afternoon:
1:00 How to Read...Good
2:00 Signings!
7:30 Reading: Sweater Girls of the Apocalypse

Saturday night: Dragon Moon Press Launch Party! Come visit!

Sunday Afternoon:
3:00: Historical Fiction: Balancing Fact with Fantasy

The rest of the time I'll be wandering about, attending panels, hanging with other authors, and taking my turn staffing the Dragon Moon Press table in the dealer's room.

I hope to see you there!


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