Friday, July 29, 2011

New Reviews for "When the Hero Comes Home!"

And very good reviews they are, too!

And I get a mention in both!

...And it’s a really good anthology. It’s clear that Harbowy and Greenwood carefully considered their theme and the authors and stories that are its backbone. Every story is well-plotted and contains characters that leap off the page. Characters that feel, that make you feel along with them. When I got the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book, I was excited by the subject matter I’d heard so much about at Ad Astra. I popped it into my Kobo right away, and was glued.
And mentions my story here:
My Top 5:
  • An Evil Not Forgotten by Erik Buchanan
  • Brine Magic by Tony Pi
  • The Legend of Gluck by Marie Bilodeau
  • Ashes of the Bonfire Queen by Rosemary Jones
  • Dark Helm Returns by Ed Greenwood

I love small presses. Really, I do. They are so much more likely to put out interesting anthologies, such as When The Hero Comes Home...

...Really, there are no lackluster stories in this collection, and I could easily sing the praises of each of them. Pick up a copy from Amazon and enjoy, or go to the Dragon Moon Press site to check it out.
And says this about my story:
Let me highlight some of the gems inside, in order of appearance. Erik Buchanan's What Evil Remains gives us a picture of a veteran of a wizard's defeat dealing with post-traumatic stress, a good man who served his community and bears the mental scars to prove it. Truly heart-wrenching.
Excellent reviews and very happy making. So, if you haven't picked up your copy of When the Hero Comes Home (Paperback or Kindle), I (and they) recommend you do so now!

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