Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interview with Irreverent Muse

Just got finished an interview with Michell Plested from Irreverent Muse. Michell is an amateur writer and a podcaster who talks to authors about the publishing journey. We took some time to talk about Small Magics and Cold Magics, which will be coming out in April, and what makes writing so much fun.

I'm slightly worried about this one because I only managed to get about 3 hours of sleep last night and despite two coffees and a Coke, I'm afraid I may have been slightly loopy by the time I started this interview. Hopefully, it'll be funny. Fortunately, Michell is a gracious host and put up with my ramblings.

When I have the link to my actual show I will put it up. Meanwhile, do check out Irreverent Muse and see who else he's had a chat with.

EDIT: Fixed the links to Irreverent Muse. Hat Tip to "Desk Boy" on Facebook, who noticed and told me.

And yes, you can follow this blog on facebook by joining the Erik Buchanan Page.

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