Monday, July 09, 2007

The King of Stupid

No, this is not a blog about politics. It is a blog about what happened to me on Friday night.

See, I have trouble going to sleep on Friday nights. My brain says, "Hey, you've got tomorrow off, you can sleep in" even though there is no sleeping in when you have a toddler. Nonetheless, I end up doing silly things like staying up until 1 AM or later.

This Friday (actually Saturday, 1 AM) I decided that, since I wasn't sleeping, I should start prepping for Polaris 21, where I thought I was scheduled to do my first public reading of Small Magics and teach two stage combat workshops on July 14 and 15.

Note I said "I thought."

I open my email and discover what everyone who is reading this and follows conventions already knows. Polaris 21 is actually July 6 to 8. I've missed the opening party, one of the panels I was supposed to be on, and I am completely unprepared.


I end up awake until 3:30 AM pulling together stuff for the convention, then 4:30 trying to calm down enough to get to sleep. My assistant is not available this weekend, my weapons for the course are not ready, and I have to create promotional materials for Small Magics on the fly using what little office supply type stuff I have around the house.

Did I mention CRAP!!!!?

My next post, I'll tell you how it all went.


Kristine Maitland said...

Well, Master Erik, *I* was there for the beginning your first class and frankly there was absolutely no way anyone walking off the street would have known that you were unprepared. You know your s*** and you are an excellent instructor.

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Erik Buchanan said...

Thanks. I am fortunate to be an excellent improviser. Good to see you there, by the way.

Devon Ellington said...

Now that's a typically Mercury Retrograde story -- travel, communication, etc.

Hope it all went well.

I keep one of those big desk blotter calendars on the wall above my desk because that's the only way I can keep track of the ever-changing deadlines for various projects. And I'm still sometimes scrambling.

Best wishes.

Ink in My Coffee

Erik Buchanan said...

Thanks Devon. I used to have a daytimes I kept religious track of things in when I was an actor. I've fallen out of the habit these days. Should probably get back into it.

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