Saturday, March 17, 2007

Long Week

All right, I lied about writing on Thursday. Truth be told, I was still recovering from my trip. A good meeting down in Atlanta (nice and warm there, too). Pity I was only outside for 15 minutes in total. Ah, business trips...

Anyway, new and exciting things are happening. My publisher has sent back Small Magics for one last edit before she sends me the final proofs. The neat part: It's in the format it will appear when it's published. Very cool.

Also, amazing how many errors there are in it. I swear we caught all the punctuation and formatting errors, but apparently I was wrong.

So, Cold Magics is going to be slowing down a bit as I take one last kick at the Small Magics cat.

Meanwhile, my cover artist (it's so cool to say that) has come with seven ideas for possible covers and we have started work on them. It's really neat at this point in the process, I must say.

So, that's what I'm going to be up to. I'll work hard on blogging, especially since it looks like the Tories are gearing up for an election. Of course, at this time, no political party really wants one because no one will come out any further ahead.

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