Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thanks to the Green Knight

The Green Knight has recently posted a welcome to myself and another blogger who has recently joined Blogtopia (a term first coined by skippy the bush kangaroo).

It is nice to be part of the blogging community, even if I am using my blog for the purposes of shamelessly flogging my book and yapping about my writing. I promise postings on other topics, too , if I can ever think of something intelligent to say.

My thanks to The Green Knight, and if anyone aside from him is reading this blog, I highly recommend visiting his. He is an intelligent and thoughtful blogger whose posts on politics and religion are well-thought and well-written, and whose sense of humour rings out through his work.

Also thanks to Shakespeare's Sister, who was nice enough to drop a welcoming comment after the Green Knight's post. I also recommend her blog as well. Good posts, intelligent comments, fun questions.

Thanks both, and I will be adding you to my list of blogs, once I figure out how to set up links on this page.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TheGreenKnight said...

Uh, oh, Erik, looks like a spam-bot hit you. I'd recommend activating the word verification feature on your comments.

Erik Buchanan said...

Thanks GK. Have done so. Damn spam.

Progressive Traditionalist said...

Good day, Erik, and welcome to the blogosphere.
I traipsed over from GK's site.
I sincerely hope that your shameless self-promotion will result in shameless market exploitation, and bring you more money than you could ever possibly be ashamed of.

I, too, had some difficulty getting things set up. But I would be more than happy to send you some links to things to help you get started, if I know of any, provided you be more specific with your needs.

Here is a long-withheld link for a blog roll:

Hope that helps.

Erik Buchanan said...

Thanks PT, appreciate the help.

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